Trapped in your GL structure?

by Michael Milligan Restructuring your Chart of Accounts Are you trapped with a chart of account structure that you inherited or have outgrown? The monumental task of changing those accounts and subaccounts is work enough but when if you consider making historical information difficult to analyze and audit, you may think you have no options. Now you have options! If you are using Dynamics SL (Solomon) you are now free to make the chart of accounts more logical, relevant and streamlined. This great article from senior SL consultant Becky Kukis, details the free Professional Services Library Toolset and for really deep changes the purchased option, Keychange. … [Read more...]

The ideal partnership for Pharma

Industry Spotlight: How Acumatica Cloud ERP and trusted partner AccuNet, are the perfect vaccine for BioPharma trends. Some industry trends stay, some go, but what you need is an ERP (enterprise resource planning) software that can adjust to the landscape of your market, set you up for success in the present, and lay the foundation for continued prosperity in the future. Acumatica and preferred certified partner, AccuNet, have forged a strong relationship to not only be trailblazers in the BioPharm/Biotech industry, but to provide the best of breed Acumatica software that enables small to mid-size BioPharm companies to take control of their business, especially in this ever-changing industry. The BioPharm landscape is evolving. There is a common trend of small and mid-size players joining forces to compete with the large corporations. Pulling together resources, expertise, experience, and supplier lists is crucial for these players to remain competitive. An industry that’s … [Read more...]

Are You Well Connected?

by Stan York When I was a child, there was a sticker on the telephone at the house of an old relative. Yes, I mean the telephone (there was just the one). The official looking AT&T sticker read “wait for dial tone.” When we visited, I’d wait for no one to be looking so I could pick up the phone and listen. Sure enough, there was always a dial tone–the days of waiting for an operator or mechanical switch to connect a circuit were already gone (I’m not that old). Things were connected! Folks in my generation tend to snicker at younger folks who seem to be constantly interrupted by text messages and various notifications. Yet I recall being trained to drop everything the moment the telephone rang. You had to answer the phone because it might be important (and the answering machine had yet to be introduced…yes I am that old). Kids these days text long before they call, and only pay attention to a phone call if they know it’s important. They seem to find it easier to postpone … [Read more...]