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Camargo Pharmaceutical Services

Camargo is a fee based drug development company servicing virtual and small pharmaceutical companies. From drug inception to market launch, Camargo provides a full suite of product development, clinical program development and regulatory services for Phases I-IV.

President Ken Phelps saw value of working with AccuNet and their Microsoft Dynamics SL Project Management and Accounting Solution.

How mbsPartners LLC Helped

mbsPartners AccuNet provided Camargo with the Microsoft Dynamics Project Management and Accounting solution to help them track project timelines and budgets, maintain accurate employee time against projects, communicate with clients and contractors, and maintain precise records and accounts for FDA and compliance purposes. Camargo has realized the benefit of an integrated Project Management and Accounting system.


“We need to keep the company as advanced as possible and retain information in an organized and retrievable format,” says Lynn Cravens, Director of Accounting. “So many of our clients and contractors mandate electronic communications. Microsoft Dynamics has made us more professional.”