Save Money on Printer Ink by Modifying the Template Style Sheets


Here’s a new tip for saving money on printer ink: edit the template’s Style Sheets.  As good as Acumatica is with emailing, there is still likely going to be some paper printing. The standard template forms will use quite a bit of colored ink which is more expensive.  But you can modify the printer templates to reduce your printed document ink costs.

Acumatica’s standard forms look pretty good and present well, but they use blue colored background in most of the printed form headers.  For laser and ink jet printers, this can add up in ink costs and printer refills.  But it is easy to turn off the background formatting or change the color of the lines to black.  Here’s how:

  1. Locate your report file.  This file can be found in the Reports Default folder under your Acumatica instance, but Acumatica will look in the Reports Customized folder first for a modified report which it will open instead, if it exists.  So, if you are going to make any changes to a report, you should first copy it to the Reports Customized folder, if you have not done so already, and modify it there, keeping the original report pristine as a backup.
  2. Use Acumatica’s Report Designer to open the report file. In the Report Properties, you can select a Styles Template.  Your choices are TemplateForm.rpx or TemplateReport.rpx, which are files found in the Reports Default folder.  These templates can also be opened in the Report Designer  They control a set of pre-defined Style Names, but you may edit them, or create new ones, in the Styles Sheet collection.  You should remember to save any modified templates into Reports Customized, leaving the original alone.template
  3. Each Style Sheet member in a template’s collection, such as Columns Header Section shown, is a Style Name.  Note that you control several formatting properties of color, size, alignments, and fonts for each Style  Name.
  4. In your report, the property of every field or object can be assigned to a Style Name from the chosen template. Here you can see our Columns Header Section Style Name selected for the report text box CONTACT.

You can see that you are in complete command of the colors and other properties of report objects by selecting the Style Name.  And you have complete control of the properties of each Style Name.  Best of all, modifying a Style Sheet in the template will immediately change the properties of all objects in all reports that refer to that Style Name, without having to modify each report individually.

If there are any problems, remember that you are working with a copy of the Acumatica-supplied report and template located in the Reports Customized folder. So you are free to either delete your work and start anew or continue to customize your modifications until you are happy with their appearance.