Acumatica is the BOM!

Is YOUR manufacturing software more than 15 years old? Are YOU changing your design specs often? Do YOU have trouble keeping the revision history distinctly clear? Are YOU constantly printing corrected designs to paper to submit to the shop floor? Wouldn’t YOU rather go paperless? Let us help. The Bill of Material module is a key software module for manufacturing company. And Acumatica offers one of the best, integrating with its complete Financial Suite and award winning Distribution Series. And now, Acumatica’s Bill of Material module integrates with all the major CAD packages. CADTalk moves your Engineering Bill of Material out of your CAD system into your Acumatica Bill of Materials. Get your BOM correct the first time and reduce your engineering-to-manufacturing lead time by as much as 80%. CADTalk has an intuitive built-in BOM editor so you can manage your BOM before exporting it. Here why manufacturers prefer this approach: CADTalk moves your Engineering Bill … [Read more...]